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Your Second Wedding, Do It Right This Time!

Here are some helpful advice in planning and having a second wedding.

Tradition and etiquette dictates that second weddings should be simple and casual instead of being formal and extravagant. However, the number of second or encore wedding is sharply growing each year. Such ceremony is designed to celebrate two people who want to embark on a new marriage with different partners.

Etiquette In Announcing Your Engagement

The immediate concern in planning a second wedding is how to announce this to you children. The children should always be the first be notified of your decision to remarry, as this will combine two already-established families. Expect you children to be stressed by your move and they will need a certain amount of time to accept the situation.

The bride and groom’s parents should be the next to be informed and then the respective ex’s. The ex-wife or ex-husband should make an effort to appease the children and reassure them about their roles in the new family.

Engagement rings from the past should not be worn anymore based on second wedding etiquette. All signs of previous relationships should be taken away once planning for the wedding and announcements are made.

A second marriage can be announced informally such as advertising it in the newspaper, making e-mails and phone calls. Under second wedding etiquette, the couple does not have to host an engagement party but a small gathering can be organized where you can make that important announcement.

Who’s Going?

Just about anybody can attend your second wedding. However, in observance of second wedding etiquette ex-spouses and former in-laws should not be invited even if you are in speaking terms to avoid awkwardness among the other guests.

The bride and groom should calculate a realistic budget for the wedding. This is a rare chance to again have the wedding of your dreams, it could be elegant, extravagant and intimate.

Vows and Ceremonies

Second wedding are normally made in civil ceremonies but can also be done in a religious ceremony. They are many ways to make the ceremony fell very intimate and special. Writing vows is common among second wedding and there is an abundance of books written about it. The children can be assigned to do an important part of the ceremony in order to foster unity. They can escort you while walking the aisle, read passages from the bible or serve as attendants in the event.

The closest family members and friends of the new couple can walk down the aisle or no one at all.

Are Bridal Showers Needed?

Bridal showers for encore brides are normal but this need to adhere with second etiquette rules.

– Only guests should be invited
– Club, Office and school showers can also be done and can be attended by other not on the official guest list. However, those that attended the bride’s first wedding should not participate.

Wedding Gifts and Registry

Guest should make they register. Some guests will have the uncontrollable urge to give something even if the couple does not want gifts. It’s also acceptable for encore couples to sign in the gift registry.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Second Marriages
Gift certificates—restaurants, spas, stores
DVD player and DVDs
Charity Donations
Coffee maker, pasta maker, cook books

Wedding Receptions and Parties

The reception of a second wedding may be extravagant or simple depending on the taste of the couple. The bride and groom will be first at the line and followed by their children. The traditional garter and bridal bouquet toss are optional.

Not Necessary In A Second Marriage

Rehearsal Dinner
Accompanying the bride down the aisle

Advisable In A Second Marriage

– A professional wedding photographer that can create timeless photos

– Make a gift registry even if you don’t want gifts.

– The children should have responsibilities in the ceremony.

– Customize and personalize the wedding and reception.

Try to Avoid

– Doing the same things in like your first wedding.
– Wearing a similar wedding dress.
– Marry in the exact spot of your first wedding.
– Use old rings from a past marriage.
– Criticizing former spouses


– Showers
– Engagement Party
– Announcement in the newspaper
– Rehearsal Dinner
– A laving wedding with attendants
– Parents walking down the aisle
– A different color for the wedding dress instead of white

I hope this information helps you in planning your second wedding. If you have any comments or questions let us know?

Texas country wedding with a cute flower girl & ring bearer

I photograph a lot of weddings through the year and I have seen a lot of cute ring bearers and flower girls, but these two kids are some of the cutest I have ever photographed during any wedding in Texas, captured during a Beaumont Ranch country wedding in Glenview, TX.

cute flower girl

ring bearer portrait

ceremony photo of flower girl

wedding reception photography

wedding reception photography

wedding dance glenview

flower girl and ring bearer dance

ring bearer portrait

Beaumont ranch wedding

Wonder women in downtown Fort Worth

Beautiful Lorens as amazing wonder women. A very fun photo shoot with a head turning super hero in downtown Fort Worth. Where ever we went people would ask us to get their picture taken with the pretty wonder women, including the fun Radio Shack staff and the friendly Ft Worth police officers. Another awesome and cosplay style photo shoot in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Fort Worth downtown super hero






Senior portrait session at Bear Creek Park

On a beautiful late summer day I had the pleasure to photograph Josie’s senior portrait session at the Bear Creek Park in Keller, Texas. We had such a great time in the summer heat and she looks beautiful! I love to photograph senior students, they bring so much energy and enthusiasm to each session.

Keller senior photos

Josie’s senior photos at the Bear Creek Park in Keller

Spring wedding @ The Victory Arts Center

What a fun wedding it was to cover Grace and Robert’s wedding at the Victory Arts Center in Fort Worth. A very classic and beautiful venue with a very happy bride and groom. I’m blessed to be able to witness and document such a important celebration. I can’t wait to start the wedding album design and create something amazing!

Here are a few black and white photos from this very fun spring wedding!

Wedding photos downtown Ft Worth

Engagement photography @ Sundance Square

On a very cold winter day I had the pleasure to photograph Lauren and Greg’s engagement session. We decided to have the session at the newly rebuilt Sundance Square Plaza in downtown Fort Worth, just a “stone throw away” from a hot beverage. It was a great shoot, we got some fantastic engagement photos from the session despite the unusual cold weather in Fort Worth, as a matter of fact, I think it added to the mood since they where hugging and keeping each other warm and cozy. Not that the really needed the cold to be close to each other, they are so much in love that you almost need a breaking bar to separate them 🙂

Fort Worth Engagement Photography

Fort Worth Engagement Photography

Bridal Show in Carrolton, TX

Come and visit our wedding photography booth at the “A Perfect Day for Love” Bridal Show in February 8, 2014.
From 1:00pm – 4:00pm at the Carrollton Towers 1925 E. Beltline Rd. 3rd Floor Suite 370
Carrollton, TX 75006

Great Door Prizes

Fashion Show starts at 2:30pm
Get your Free Tickets at perfectdayforlove.eventbrite.com
You don’t want to miss it!

wedding fun

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from IGOR Photography

Happy Holidays from IGOR Photography

Happy Holidays from IGOR Photography

Shannon & Mike’s @ The White Wedding Chapel

I had such a great time shooting the wedding of Shannon and Mike at the White Wedding Chapel in North Richland Hills.

It was a beautiful ceremony and a very fun wedding reception with endless laughs and joy. Here is a tease from the wedding.

photo of wedding detail Bride getting ready White Wedding Chapel Ceremony Photography North Richland Hills Wedding Photography The White Wedding Chapel bridal party photography Bride with dad portrait funny gartner photo wedding reception funny game photo

Scary Halloween

I wish all my clients and friends a real scary Halloween!

Iris says “trick or treat” so please throw her a bone!

Scary Halloween from IGOR Photography

Light Painting in Wichita Falls, Texas

Wichita Falls Wall ArtOne day of Light Painting and Night Photography fun with photographer Daniel in Wichita Falls, TX.

Wichita Falls Night Photography

Wichita Falls Light Painting

Red carpet event for the play “CAGED”

I got the opportunity to shoot the red carpet and the premier at The Core Theater in  Richardson, TX, for the stage play “CAGED”. This was charity work and part of the ticket revenue is going to “The LifeSavers Foundation”. I really enjoyed both the event and the play!

CAGED was written by Anne Beyer Turner to encourage and inform young women and men who are victims of domestic violence that there is help and hope.
CAGED is a semi-autobiographical story about a young married couple who has just moved from Los Angeles to a small Mexican border town. Living in a stressful environment and under new circumstances, Anika and Alex are finding themselves dealing with anxiety, loneliness and depression.


Adobe listens to photographers outcry

Adobe launches a new subscription plan for photographers with Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 for only $10/month.

I’m very pleased that Adobe has listen to us photographers and now offers this more affordable subscription choice. Like I posted in an earlier post (Adobe gets it wrong with the cloud) many photographers including myself,  have been frustrated with the new cloud based subscription model that did not appeal to photographers that only use Photoshop and Lightroom. This is really good news, $10/month for both programs is a great deal.

There is one catch though, this offer is only valid for a limited time only, it’s good until December 31, 2013 and customers need a valid Photoshop copy to get this price. You can read more about this offer on the following article from AppleInsider: Adobe cuts Photoshop CC to $10 a month for Creative Suite users, throws in Lightroom for free.

Now lets see what Adobe decides to do after December 31, 2013?

Life is like a camera!

I love this quote from an unknown author,

"Life is like a camera, focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don't work out, take another shot."

Photographing Fireworks in Dallas

If you are going out this 4th of July to watch the fireworks in Dallas, make sure that you bring your camera! No matter what kind of camera you own or your level of photographic knowledge, you can capture stunning fireworks this 4th of July! It's fireworks time! 

Capturing fireworks is easy if you plan in advance and bring the right camera gear. Here are some advice to help you take great fireworks photos.

Dallas fireworks photo tips

What you need:

A Camera that gives you control over exposure. Some point-and-shoot cameras have a "Fireworks" mode, so look for that if you have a compact camera. Ideally your camera should have both shutter and aperture controls. Most compact cameras have some form of manual override of the auto settings. For smart phone owners: Getting good-quality images of fireworks with your smart phone camera is very hard, unless you have a manual control option in the menu! Use a wide angle lens zoom setting to get as much of the scene as possible.

A Tripod. Handheld fireworks photos simply don't work well because the most effective fireworks photos are shot using long exposures, and it's very hard to keep your camera still for the one or several second exposure you will likely need. The image will be out of focus and the fireworks lines will like not be straight and most likely detract from the beauty of the blasts, but if you don't have a tripod go ahead anyway and shoot and you might get some interesting shots anyway. To eliminate camera shake, the camera must be mounted on a stable a tripod. 

Water bodies are a great way to add an extra dimension to your fireworks photos, and if the fireworks are being launched on the water, you'll be able to see the rockets streaking skyward and smoke below, which adds another element of interest.

Where to Stand? Before the fireworks start, find out where the fireworks will be taking place, and scout the area. Look for an unobstructed view of the sky, upwind of the action. Make sure there are no buildings or trees in the way. Try to find an elevated position so you don't have the heads of the people in front of you in the shot. Why upwind? You don't want the smoke blowing towards you because it can block the view–and your don't want to smell it either? An even better option is an unobstructed view at the water. A body of water can result in interesting reflections of the fireworks, or even better an unobstructed view with a landmark by the water. Fireworks blazing against the profile of a well-known building or natural landmark can add a new dimension and interest to your image.

Camera Settings: Choose a small aperture and the lowest ISO setting available so you can get the longest exposure possible. Usually 1/2 to 2 seconds of expesore are enough, try different exposures untill you get a result that you are happy with. If your camera has auto bracketing, use the feature! Most photographers use ISO 100 or 200 and an aperture of between f/8 and f/16. The smaller aperture intensifies the colors of the fireworks and prevents overexposure. Experiment and see how the different aperture setting changes the look of your image. Shutter speed: Use your camera's "B" (bulb) setting. Start your exposure at the moment the burst begins, and end it when the burst reaches its peak. How long is long enough? For a single blast, a second or two should be enough. Some photographers leave their camera on B and block the lens opening until there's a burst, and repeates the exposures over several fireworks bursts. This results in a multiple exposure that can fill the frame with several fireworks.

Color Balance: Daylight color balance usually works fine, but if you have lit buildings you should set color balance based on how they are lit.

Reducing Noise: If your camera has a noise reduction feature, use it. The long exposures are bound to overheat the image sensor, which results in digital artifacts ("noise") that look a bit like colored grains in your photograph. The black sky will look grainy or worse. There is also software and there are techniques for reducing grain in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom—but that's another blog post.

What about auto-everything cameras, like most camera phones? If your camera lacks manual settings, you can still get pretty good fireworks shots. Set it to landscape mode so it focuses on infinity. Disable the flash. Start the exposure before a blast if possible and the lens aperture will remain open longer. To reduce lag time (the delay between when you press the shutter release and the camera takes the picture), keep your finger on the shutter release, pressing it halfway down.

Now you can go out tonight or on your on your next fireworks celebration, blast away and have fun taking terrific fireworks photos!

Happy 4th of July!

The entire IGOR Photography team wishes you a Happy Independence Day!

Photography wedding albums-Fort Worth

IGOR Photography-Wedding Photographer Albums

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Adobe gets it wrong with the cloud!?

The new Adobe Cloud Pain

I have always been very loyal to Adobe and their great software. I mainly use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for my editing and photography workflow and I think they are outstanding software with no close competitors for the professional photographer. Unfortunately Adobe is letting me down this time and I'm angry at their move to exclusively move Photoshop CS to the "Adobe Creative Cloud" (aka "Adobe CC").

The two main problems for me as a professional photographer in using the new cloud based Adobe Photoshop are the following:

1. It's only going to be available as a subsription service and you need to connect to the Adobe Creative Cloud

If you want to edit a photo where you have no internet connection you are out of luck and that's completely absurd. I can't believe that they aren't going to sell a stand-alone version. I'm dumbfounded about this business decision. They are limiting where and when I can use their software to complete my editing work.

2. They have substantially increased the price for photographers that only use Photoshop and don't need constant updates.

They are different monthly subscription plans that are billed monthly with annual commitment. Whole Creative Cloud subscriptions are $30/month for for teachers and students, and $50/month for all other subscribers, that's $600/year. For photographers that only use Photoshop there are options to license just Photoshop, the current rate is $20/ month for the first year, with prices subject to change after the first year.

For Adobe power users that use several Adobe software products the monthly price plans are great and will result in significant savings compare to buying the former Adobe Creative Suite. However photographers who only need Photoshop and don't need every update are not as happy as they are used to buying the software for approximately $150 as an upgrade every other upgrade cycle. Doing the math, I spent about $150 to keep Photoshop CS updated every three years, or I can spend $240 every year, so the total cost of owning Photoshop CC for 3 years is now about $720, an effective price increase of 400% !

Adobe is greedy about how to increase their revenue in a monopoly situation, they don't have any real competitors! I can understand a resonable yearly price increase, I think 400% is way to much, but worst is to limit the usefulness of the software by only making it available in the cloud with a subscription plan. I see a lot of photographers looking for alternative software solutions in the near future, especially hobby photographers that don't depend on the software for their work, but professional photographers will probably eat the bill.

For hobby photographers check out this link If you want to build your own "Creative Software Suite" with free and cheap software!,

For professional photographers I only know one good alternative to Adobe Lightroom and partly also for some Photoshop users since you can use layers and that's Phase One Capture one Pro 7, they have a 30 day trail, so you can try it for Free!

Some relief for the new "Adobe Cloud Pain" for photographers is that for now, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom are not going to be only cloud based.

Leave me a comment about what you think!

UPDATE, I just found out that you appently don't need to be connected online to use Photoshop CC in the new Creative Cloud!

You will need to be online when you install and license your software.With an annual membership, you’ll be asked to connect to the web to validate your software licenses every 30 days. However, you’ll be able to use products for 99 days even if you’re offline, but it will pester you with constant vrification reminders to go online.

3. I have one additional mayor problem with the new Adobe Creative Cloud, that's easily overlooked. If you buy an upgrade like you do with Photoshop CS, you have access to that new version forever. If you pay for the cloud version and choose to end your subscription, you have access to nothing. You lease the software, you don't buy it!

Lightroom 5 Beta has been released for FREE

You can now download Adobe Lightroom 5 Beta for free and try out some of the new features from Adobe.com. It's a working Beta version that will work until the final release is ready. As an avid Lightroom user I'm always excited to see what the improvements and new features are in each new version. The major improvement this time is in the software's editing module, you can now do pretty advanced selective area adjustments and cloning much faster. This is pretty sweet news for all my fellow wedding photographers!

Some of the new major features are:

   + Advanced Healing Brush
   + Radial Gradient
   + Upright
   + Smart Preview
    And some other smaller improvements.

Expect the final version to be out in a few months and to have some additional improvements.

Bridal Shows In Dallas & Fort Worth 2013

IGOR Photography recommends the following local Wedding and Bridal shows in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for year 2013. Bridal shows are a great way for couples to get to meet local vendors and get more information about their services and products. IGOR Photography attends a few selected wedding shows each year when we happen to get a weekend day off. It's always a lot of fun to meet local brides and other vendors, and we encourage brides and engaged couples to visit a local wedding show or expo. Some shows are Free and others charge a small entrance fee.

Soiree Boutique Bridal Show
Dallas Embassy Suites Market Center
April 7, 2013
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Embassy Suites Hotel Dallas Market Center
2727 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX
Fort Worth Bridal Show – Expo
Southlake Bridal Show 
May 19, 2013 12:00 PM-4:00 PM
Cendera Center
3600 Benbrook Hwy
Fort Worth, TX 76116
Southlake Bridal Show
July 7, 2013
1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Marriott Solana
5 Village Circle, Westlake, TX
Bridal Shows Inc.
Dallas Bridal Show
July 27-28, 2013
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Dallas Market Hall
2200 Stemmons Fwy,Dallas, TX
Star-Telegram Bridal Show
Grapevine Bridal Show
August 18, 2013
10:30 am – 4:30 pm
Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX
Fluer De Lis Bridal Show
Dallas Bridal Show
August 18, 2013
Cityplace Weddings, Dallas, TX
Bridal Shows, Inc.
Plano Bridal Show
September 8, 2013
Noon – 5:00 p.m.
Plano Centre
2000 East Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX
Fluer De Lis Bridal Show
Arlington Bridal Show
September 8 , 2013
1010 Collins Event Center, Arlington, Texas
Soiree Boutique Bridal Show
Royce City Bridal Show
September 15, 2013
Noon – 4 pm
Occasions at Stone River
1250 FM 2453, Royse City, TX
Fluer De Lis Bridal Show
Plano Bridal Show
October 24 , 2013
1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Marriott Plano at Legacy Town Center
7121 Bishop Rd., Plano, TX
The Great Bridal Expo
The Fairmont Dallas
October 27, 2013
noon – 5:00 p.m.
1717 North Akard Street
Dallas, TX 75201
Bedford Texas Fall Bridal Show
Micon Ballroom, Bedford, TX
October 31, 2013
11:00AM – 5:00PM
Fluer De Lis Bridal Show
Southlake Bridal Show
December 1 , 2013
1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Marriott Solana
5 Village Circle, Westlake, TX

Discount promo code for Zenfolio

Do you need a online portfolio website or a way to store or sell images online?

Take a look at zenfolio.com, it's a great company that offers image hosting plans, portfolio websites with nice image galleries, slideshows and video, including Free trial accounts and basic account subscriptions starting at only $30/year.
I'm a big fan of zenfolio, I use them as an alternative back up for my photos and also to show images to my clients with password protected galleries.

If you use the following zenfolio promotion code you can get up to 30% Off on their plans: 8Q6-P27-ADK

How much does wedding photographers make?

In a recent 2013 photographer survey, over 100 professional wedding photographers from all over the world gave this insight on the state of the industry for wedding photographers. How much time do you think they spend per wedding and how much money do you think they make?

I have reported similar statistics in the past and it's in line with former reports. The wedding industry hasn't changed that much during the last 2 years in this business regard.

This recent 2013 wedding photographer survey reports…

Wedding photographers spend an average of 13.5 hours per week editing photos.

The average time investment (including shooting, editing, meeting time, etc.) for a photographer per wedding is 65 hours.

Wedding photographers earn an average of $37 per hour (before expenses), and probably somewhere between $15-25 per hour after expenses, insurance and taxes.

Nearly half of wedding photographers are booking less than 50% of the couples who contact them.

Wedding photographers are spending nearly a third of what they make on overhead.

The majority of wedding photographers have been in the business for less than five years.

Wedding photographers spend on average 3.5 hours communicating with clients and 13.5 hours doing “non client specific business tasks” each week (things like bookkeeping, marketing, social media, etc.)


Maybe this explains why it sometimes seem so "expensive" to hire a professional wedding photographer, they invest a lot of time and money in each wedding shoot and they don't take home that much after all the expenses and taxes are paid, it's not a glamorous and high paying job, but if you have passion for the job, it's still the best job in the world, according to me and a lot of wedding photographers I know.

It's worth noting that all these numbers are averages and there is a large disparity between the lowest and highest paid wedding photographers in the industry due to location, experience, demand, etc.

Please leave any questions or comments below!

Sears, Wal-Mart, and Olan Mills Studios Out Of Business

Business Dried Up for Photo Studios

This is one of the biggest news for the photo industry in recent history. A lot of people in the photo and studio industry have been expecting it for the past several years. Chain store portrait studios in Sears and Walmart (PictureMe Portrait studio) across the US are closing. The parent company, CPI Corp. of St. Louis is bust after defaulting to it's leanders. Their photo studio business has been doomed for years. In addition, Olan Mills studios were sold to Lifetouch more than a year ago but now Lifetouch has decided to close their acquisition. Many Olan Mills studios were in K-Mart. Altogether, several thousand studios are now closed.

CPI Corp. was one of the first ones in going 100% digital and thought that going digital alone would save them, but it wasn’t enough. They needed to fundamentally change their business model and style of photography, but instead, they were not able to adapt to the new market conditions.

The website for Sears Portrait Studio has a statement up saying the following:

"After many years of providing family portrait photography, we are sad to announce our Sears Portrait Studios are now closed. We appreciate your patronage and allowing us to capture your precious memories. If you currently have an album or have had a recent portrait session, you can order products at searsphotos.com thru April 18, 2013"

Olan Mills had been failing for years. First they sold off their school photography to Lifetouch, then they sold off their church directory business to Lifetouch. Then a little over a year ago, they sold their portrait studios to Lifetouch, but unfortunately they found the load too heavy to carry so they started shutting operations down a few months ago. 

Look out for Target Portrait Studio to face the same outcome unless they manage to do something substancially different.

Store photo studios, which did big buswallmart studio out of businessiness in the 1970s through the 1990s, have been closing in recent years due to the move to digital and smartphone photography, where anyone can create, crop, and edit a family photo online.

They don't compete directly with high end photo studios that cater to a different clientele that seek art prints and edited portraits, but it shows how the market conditions have fundamentally changed for photo studios and photographers with the advance of photo technology and the internet.

Now with the disappearance of these economical store studios, the gap between cheap digital portraits taken at home or by friends, and the high end fine art portraits is growing even larger, who is filling the void? If there is any void?

In addition, the demand for paper photo albums substantially decreased during the last couple of years, most clients nowadays only ask for the images on a DVD and unfortunate that's where the images "spend their life", or until the hard drive crashes or the DVD is lost or corrupt.

I always encourage my clients to enjoy their portraits and photos with prints and albums, it's a tangible item of their captured memories that they can enjoy for generations, and it's far superior to any digital media for any important photos.

So what does these news mean for professional photographers and photo studios?? I believe that if you don’t produce a product that is both modern and clearly different from what any amateur can do, your days are numbered.  The digital revolution has made it too easy for the public to shoot their own pictures on location and get pretty good results.

However, with everyone now taking their own pictures, the typical level of quality has fallen dramatically and the work of a true professional photographer is even more distinctively different than ever.

That's one of the reasons we at IGOR Photography will differentiate ourselves with artsitic and unique photography that's not easily duplicated by the public or other photographers. You have to adapt to the new market conditions or it's time to shut the doors.


Sony A850 mirror got loose during wedding shoot!

& Wedding photographer became unglued….

Maybe I should say that my Sony DSLR camera mirror got unglued during the last weekend while I was shooting a wedding at the White Chapel Estate in North Richland Hills, TX and it was really a no issue at all.

As a professional wedding photographer I have had my fair share of equipment malfunctions and mishaps during the last couple of years, but this one was a new one for me.

While I was taking the formal group portraits of the families and the wedding party, my camera view finder got completely dark, I thought for a second that I had engaged the mirror lock up or bumped some settings, but I realized very quickly that the camera had malfunctioned. It was now time to put my back up camera to work, I don't think the party noticed that something went wrong when I had to change the camera body, so I was back in business in an instant! This is why professional wedding photographers carry back up equipment. It’s just a matter of time before a piece of your equipment decides to "take a break". I can't understand how some "budget photographers" shoots weddings with only one camera and flash, what a foolish and an irresponsible gamble!

Now I have to send in my camera to Sony for repair in a hurry and get it back in time for next wedding. I never shoot a wedding without at least 3 camera bodies, 3 flashes, several lenses and countless of backups. Call me paranoid but I have learned from experience and from my former job as an airline pilot to always plan for worst case scenarios and have a solid back up plan if "something hits the fan", so to speak.

Below you can see how the camera mirror has separated from the mirror box, it's only attached with a few points of glue, doesn't seem to me a like a very solid solution for a pro camera, but it's not only Sony that has this kind of problems, the Canon 5D Mark II has been recalled in the past for this type of problem, I guess it's a cost cutting issue.

I was tempted to glue it back myself and save some serious time and "mula", but I will leave it to the Sony repair center to use the right glue, adjustments and cleaning equipment to get it done right.

Sony A850 mirror wedding malfunction

Bridal Guide Magazine Offer

Get a full year of the Bridal Guide for the cost of a Starbucks coffe!

IGOR Photography have a great offer for all the Dallas – Fort Worth brides! You can get the best bridal magazine subscription in the country for only $7.95, a full year of the Bridal Guide subscription with an amazing 78% discount when you use our discount coupon code MPSBIG at checkout. Go to this link: MagazinesUSA.com, select one year subscription, add to cart and enter the coupon code to get the discount offer. This special discount coupon code is also valid for renewals. Enjoy reading the best wedding/ bridal advice, tips and inspiration for your wedding in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Great time at the Spring Bridal Show in Bedford

We had a great time at the Bedford Bridal Show. We got time meet some great future brides and grooms and we also had time to talk to other wedding vendors and friends in the local wedding industry. See you next year!

Wedding show in Bedford,Texas

IGOR Photography at the FREE Bridal Show in Bedford

Meet IGOR Photography on Sunday April 31st at the FREE Spring Bridal Show at the "Micon The Ballroom" in Bedford, Texas.

Meet over 20 local wedding vendors under one roof. This is a great local bridal show with giveaways, a FREE wedding fashion show and incredible door-prizes. IGOR Photography will be giving away a bridal portrait or engagement photography session to a lucky winner and we will be having a special one day show offer on our wedding collections, please visit our booth and see what we have to offer.

FREE admission for brides and guests!

Easter Sunday at 11:00am-5:00pm
Micon The Ballroom
3508 Harwood Rd Ste. 202
Bedford, Texas 76021

The TPPA Photo Trade Show

IGOR Photography will be at the 2013 TPPA Regional Photo Conference and Trade Show during March 16-17, at the Arlington conference center. As members of TPPA we always enjoy all their shows, seminars and photo events that they organize or sponsor, it's a great oportunity to catch up with the latest professional photography, businesss trends, photography equipment and to attend some very informative seminars.

See you at the show!

25th Wedding Anniversary at The Ft. Worth Club

Indian event photography at the Fort Worth Club

Here are some of the highlights from Marijeet and Gurvendra's 25th wedding anniversary, and their daughters 16th birthday party at the Fort Worth Club in down town Fort Worth.

It was a great Indian celebration full with joy, Indian dance and food. IGOR Photography and event photographer Daniel had a great time covering the event with both photography and video.

Thank you Marijeet, Gurvendra and the whole Suri family for a great event!

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Photography Special for 2013

Engagement Portrait Special for Dallas & Fort Worth

Congratulations to all the lucky ladies that are newly engaged after the holidays!

Schedule your Engagement Portraits with IGOR Photography
before February 1st to receive 25% off your session!

Engagement Portraits are a fun way to celebrate
your new engagement and kick off your wedding planning.

Choose the perfect location for you and your new fiance to make it truly special!

Book today as slots for the engagement portrait sessions fill up fast!
Contact Igor to plan your fun engagement portrait session today!

Leica Minox in the Xmas Snow

It's Christmas day here in Fort Worth, Texas and we got the first snow fall of the year, it couldn't be more perfect. Here is a photo of my Leica Minox that I took today in the Xmas snow, enjoy!

Digital Leica Minox in the Snow

Safari at the Dallas Zoo

Today I had a great time at the Dallas Zoo with my family. It has become a Christmas tradition every year for us. Like always I had to bring the camera and I snapped a few photos of some of the most amazing animals.

Your wedding venue shut down? What can you do?

Yesterday I wrote about the two wedding venues that left several wedding customers stranded when they suddenly shut down and took their clients money.

Today I found out that other wedding vendors offered them a last minute solution for the wedding and that they will be able to have their wedding ceremony and reception on their desired date. That's great to hear since it's otherwise almost impossible to secure a wedding venue with such a short notice. Most popular wedding venues in Fort Worth and Dallas sell out a year or more in advance.

Now the victims need to figure out how to get their money back! Following are a few suggestions of what they can do to get their money back:

1. Read the contract again and hunt down the owner of the venue and ask for your money back, keep all your conversations on file.

2. File a complain at the Attorney General, (you might want to file with the BBB, but that won't really help you much).

3. Dispute the credit card charge if you paid with a credit card within 60 days.

4. If you did not pay with a credit card or it's past the 60 days, I recommend you to get help and file a complain under The Truth in Lending Act.

5. Last but not least, take legal action, you can file with the small claims court, unfortunately it might take a long time before you get a court hearing and the business might not have any money for all the claims, but it might be your last and only solution.

Hopefully they will succeed in getting back most of their money.

Another good advice for any one in the process of securing a wedding vendor in Dallas or elsewhere is to never pay more than a small down payment to secure the date and to not pay the balance more than 60 days in advance. Most wedding vendors usually do not require you to pay the balance earlier than 2-6 weeks before the wedding date, so in this case you can dispute the charge if you pay with a credit card in the unfortunate case that the wedding vendor folds.

Good luck to all Dallas brides and wedding clients and make sure that you take the right precautions against unscrupulous wedding vendors.

DFW Wedding Venues Shut Down

It has happen again after this past summers wedding venue shutdowns, this time a dozen couples have been left in the dark by two wedding venues in the Dallas-FT.Worth area, that took tens of thousands of their dollars, then abruptly shut down. Some wedding clients found out about it one day before their wedding when they tried to call the wedding venue and discovered that the venues phones where disconnected, imagine what a nightmare. I feel really sad for the wedding clients and I'm really disgusted by the wedding venues unethical business practices. This happens way to often!

The two wedding venues that just shut down indefinitely (December 10, 2012) are Capella Court Gardens in Carrollton, TX and Alexander Mansion in Garland, TX.

I will shed more information about this drama once I find out more!

youtube wedding photography video

Please take a look at my youtube wedding photography video that I made for IGOR Photography, leave comments and likes!

Get a very unique wedding video!

A wedding couple managed to put a GoPro camera in the wedding bouquet to get some unique footage, this is something that has crossed my mind before and I love when wedding couples are adventurous enough to try something different and original in their wedding photography or videography, big kudos to this wedding couple. The groom is a professional photographer so he was obviously trying to think "out of the box and into the bouquet".  I think they got a really interesting wedding video, a view from the first persons perspective, the bride. Try to plan some unique angles for your wedding photography and wedding videography.

Make sure that you tell your photographer or videographer that you wish to include some different angles and perspectives for your wedding, dare to be a little bit different, you can still get the traditional coverage, just add some modern spice and uniqueness to it!

Todays camera technology and compact size makes it so much easier to incorporate different camera angles during both the ceremony and reception. Be different, be yourself!

See the clip here: http://connect.dpreview.com/post/7689725486/gopro-wedding-photographer

DFW Photo Expo 2012

Meet us at the DFW Photo Expo 2012

After last years success with the first ever DFW Photo Expo, its' time again for this years DFW Photo Expo, the only photo trade show in the Dallas-FT.Worth area, from Saturday December 1st to December 2nd. Arlington, TX,is the dates to mark in your calendar. The expo has a free trade show, seminars and training, product giveaways and cool show deals. If photography is your passion, whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, the DFW Photo Expo 2012 is where you want to be. It’s a gathering of the industry know how, of breakthrough products, and a cast of the industry’s leading photographers and companies.

IGOR Photography will be there enjoying the seminars and talking to friends and colleagues, we hope to see you there!

DFW Photo EXPO 2012 – The Only Photography Trade Show in Dallas-FT.Worth

Saturday December 1st, 10am – 6pm and

Sunday December 2nd, 10am – 6pm

1200 Ballpark Way
Arlington, TX 76011

What to not say to a Professional Photographer?

As a professional photographer you get to hear a lot of disturbing questions and suggestions from clients, random people and friends, through the years I have heard most of them, I hope you get a laugh from the following not all inclusive list, If you have a good one, please share it with us on the comment section, thanks!

30 Things that you should never say to a professional photographer

1. "What a big lens, it must take great photos"
2. "What a nice camera, it must take great photos"
3. "If you do this for free now, I'll refer you to all my friends"
4. "Can you take that person out, move this person from here to there, change this color, and remove a tree branch, and,,,"
5. "How come you're charging THAT much? I can get it at "insert name here" for only ,,,"
6. "My cousin will do it for Free, he is also a photographer"
7. "I printed these from Facebook and I love them"
8. "Can you just send me the files over so I can use it for something else"
9. "I really don't want what is in my wedding package, Can I get a refund"?
10. "I love your photography but I can't spend that much, I can only spend…., is that OK?"
11. "I wanted to invite you to my (birthday party, wedding, or,,)! Can you bring your camera to?
12. "I just want a CD so I can print everything at Walmart"
13. "You have watermarks on my images online, Can you take them off so my family can print them?"
14. "Can you Photoshop me to make me skinner, prettier, with more hair, less wrinkles, etc) for the this price?"
15. "What an easy job, clicking a button all day, it must be great to get paid for what you love doing!"
16. “I think I can benefit your portfolio so you should work for free.”
17. “There is this other photographer who charges half what you do; does that mean they are half as good?”
18. “Will you charge less if I wear less?”
19. “Well, it’s your job to make me look good.”
20. “I’m only here because my friend/boyfriend/husband/sister/whatever said I should do this.”
21. “I like this other photographer’s work. Can you directly copy their style?”
22. “Great photos, you must have a really good camera!”
23. "Geez! You charge that much?! We only have to pay $29.99 for our sitting fee at Target!"
24. "What's the discount if I edit the pictures myself? There is this great free program called PicniK!
25. "Why is the background all blurry?
26. "If I had a camera like that I could take the same photos you do!"
27. "Your camera (or lens) makes me look fat"
28. "Can't you just Photoshop that!"
29. "I have a shot exactly like that!"

and the final one, and my favorite..

Yes, believe it or not, these are actual examples of what professional photographers hear from people. I hope you fully understand the silly and insulting things professional photographers hear all day long, and that you also cracked a laugh or two. Please leave any feedback, comments or better yet….tell me what a photographer should respond to the 30 things a person should never say to a photographer, OK?

Intelligent wearable camera

I don't get excited by to many camera introductions nowadays, but today I saw a new little wearable camera that made me to take a closer look. It's supposedly an "intelligent camera" called Autographer, and uses 5 on-board sensors, smart software and a GPS to work out the perfect moment to take a photo. This intelligent wearable camera takes photos continuously, picking out the key moments to capture, it automatically captures images according to changes in the surrounding environment .

I thinks it's pretty interesting to wear a camera that decide by itself when to take the shots, It might be a fun creative tool or just a gadget camera, but its sounds uniquely fun since Autographer is a camera that's always with you to take candid pictures to tell great stories without any input from the user. You can pair your mobile phone with your camera via Bluetooth to transfer, see and share the pictures instantly. It has enough battery life to capture your whole day. The design is minimalist cool looking, it almost looks like an Apple product.

Intelligent camera

New camera technology, here are some of the cameras specs:

  • 8GB internal memory
  • 5 on board smart sensors + GPS
    (ambient light / accelerometer / magnetometer / PIR / temperature)
  • Bluetooth
  • 136º field of view
  • Glass hybrid wide angle precision optics
  • Fixed focus
  • 5MPx low light sensor
  • Dedicated smartphone app
    – view, tag and share the images.
  • Weight: 58 g
  • Width 37.4mm
    [with side buttons],
    Length 90 mm; 95.5 mm
    [with lanyard ring],
    Thickness 22.93 mm
    [with clip and lens]


Autographer will be available for purchase in November 2012 and is made by OMG (Oxford Metrics Group). No pricing information about the camera is available at this time.

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think? Groundbreaking camera technology or just a gadget?

Fort Worth Engagement Photographer

Engagement Portrait Session at Ft. Worth Trinity Park

I had such a great time photographing Tracy and Michael's engagement session at the Trinity park in Fort Worth, Texas.

It was a real joy to see their love and affection for each other and to get to capture some beautiful, funny engagement portraits and candid shots on a late summer evening. It was a really hot day (over 90 degrees) despite that we started the session as late as possible on the evening.

Trinity park is great location for engagement portrait photography and we were able to get a variety of great engagement pictures despite the late summer heat. I can hardly wait to photograph their wedding in a few weeks. Please take a sample look of Tracy and Michael's engagement photography!

IGOR Photography specializes in wedding and engagement photography in Fort Worth and Dallas, contact IGOR Photography today to chat about your photography needs!

"Search online for Fort Worth engagement photography-Fort Worth engagement photographer-Ft.Worth engagement photographers and engagement portrait photographer in Fort Worth"

Sony Alpha A99, new full-frame flagship with Translucent Mirror

I have been using the Sony Alpha DSLR cameras, A850 and A900 for the last 4 years, and now the new flagship SLT camera model from Sony, the Sony Alpha SLT-A99 (and the SLT-A99V with built in GPS)  is soon to be released in October. According to the press release the new Sony Alpha A99 camera has some amazing specs that are sure to tempt professional Sony Alpha shooters to upgrade next month, the camera also looks like a very solid professional tool for videographers. I'm looking forward to get my hands on it for a test drive next month and then make a final decision to see if it's worth to upgrade.

If you are a avid Video shooter a camera upgrade to the Sony Alpha A99 should be a no brainer since at the moment it's the only camera that can shoot HD video with 60 frames/sec and that have a full frame sensor, also if you are a sports photographer it's a pretty obvious choice with its 6, 10 or 14 frames/sec, higher Max ISO, better noise suppression and improved AF system. The Sony Alpha A99 is the world's first camera to feature a dual phase detection system, combining both a dedicated phase detection AF sensor, and phase detection points on the main image sensor. Something that also draw my attention is the return of a industry-standard hot shoe that claims to be compatible with both older Sony strobes and standard strobes. I think that depending on your needs as a professional photographer it looks like this camera is going to set a new standard that you are going to want to take advantage of. Pricing is expected to be around US$2,800 body-only, which seems to be real good value for a professional camera. Let's see what kind of reviews the sony alpha A99 gets once it hits the stores next month.

Read here fore the latest preview of the Sony Alpha A99 camera!

Sony Alpha SLT-A99 key specifications:

  • 24.3-megapixel CMOS Exmor sensor
  • New Bionz image processor
  • 2,360k-dot OLED, inbuilt electronic viewfinder
  • 921k-dot tilt-and-swivel LCD screen
  • ISO 100 to 25,600 (expandable: ISO 50 to 102,400)
  • 102-point AF system with dual phase detection system
  • 14fps(JPEG) shooting in burst mode
  • 1080p full-HD video recording with up to 60fps
  • Dual memory card slot (one SD and one SD/MS combo)
  • Headphone and microphone input

Please leave comments, thoughts or reviews on this page about the Sony Alpha A99.

Dallas Birthday Photography by Event Photographer IGOR

I love event photography. I got the opportunity to capture the 90th Birthday Party for Shirley at Maggianos Italian Restaurant in Dallas. I was able to get some awesome birthday portraits and candid pictures of her birthday event. It's not everyday I get the honor to capture the birthday party of a 90th year old young lady, Shirley was a lot of fun and she was full of joy and smiles during the birthday party. Here are a few photos from her 90th birthday party.


Event Photographer Igor specializes in Event Photography; like Birthday parties, bar mitzvah, family reunions, corporate events, private events, fund raising events, sports events, etc. We can also provide GREEN SCREEN Photography for your event.

The best way to preserve special events such as birthday parties and family reunion is to capture and preserve them with the help of a great event photographer. Here at IGOR Photography we are committed to provide you with the best event photography in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

At IGOR Photography we never settle for the "just good event photography", we are committed to Excellent event photography. We give our best in capturing your most important events. We don’t just provide client with great images of birthday parties, corporate events and other special ,occasions we are also committed in providing a fun, personal and amazing experience. We believe we are only as good as our last event photography project, we we always give 100%. We treat our clients here in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas like friends. event photographer Igor guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

We are very skilled and experienced event photographers.
With a solid background in creative photojournalism, our goal is to capture the event as it unfolds, without interfering. As event photographers we capture the right moments without being obtrusive.

We render a personalized event photography service without the big price tag! We are passionate about great event photography and we really enjoy what we do.

Event Photographer Igor serves the Dallas and Fort Worth area and most of North Texas, including:

  • Arlington
  • Addison
  • Carrollton
  • Dallas
  • Denison
  • Denton
  • Fort Worth
  • Garland
  • Irving
  • Keller
  • Lewisville
  • Mesquite
  • McKinney
  • and many more cities

Contact us today and let us show why we are the best professional event photographers in Dallas-Ft.Worth.



GoDaddy email servers are up!

Good news, finally after several hours of down time, GoDaddy managed to fix their servers. You should now be able to send us emails without any problems.Thanks to my clients for all your patience!

GoDaddy servers are down, including my email servers!

All the GoDaddy servers and sites are temporally down today 9/10/2012;

To all my photography clients and friends, my webmail (contact at igorphotos.com) is down due to an apparent DDoS hacker attack on GoDaddy's servers.

I think that GoDaddy should be protected against such a simple web assault — a DDoS attack involves an overwhelming flood of communication sent to the servers at the same time that knocks the servers out. Very frustrating for all the their clients!

You will not be able to send me emails during this time and I'm not able to retrieve any emails from the server at this time. Please have patience and call me on 786-546-5480 instead.

Thank you for your understanding,


IGOR Photography


Fort Worth Wedding Photographer Prices

Your Fort Worth wedding photographer is a very important part of your wedding and one of the few wedding costs that you actually are going to be able to enjoy for years to come when you look at the beautiful images, prints and albums that your wedding photographer has made for you. If you have chosen a good professional wedding photographer, you and your significant other will cherish the wedding pictures for generations to come, without regretting the extra cost that a good professional wedding photographer adds. It’s not just a cost, it’s an investment in “great captured wedding memories”.

Choosing a Dallas or Fort Worth wedding photographer can be a a daunting task with so many wedding photographers advertising and so many different Fort Worth wedding photographer prices and wedding packages to compare, but knowing which questions to ask when you call and meet them will help you to narrow down and pick the best possible Ft.Worth wedding photographer for your budget. Make sure to take notes and compare “apple to apples”, not all Ft Worth wedding photographers are the same just because the have the same pricing.

The Wedding Photography Infographic below will help you in choosing the best wedding photographer for your wedding while keeping your wedding costs down. This Wedding Photography Infographic will show you: some “wedding fun facts”,  the average cost of a wedding photographer in the US, advice for great poses for your wedding day, questions to ask your wedding photographer so you can weed out the bad ones and get a great Ft.Worth wedding photographer, and a checklist for different photography moments that you can chose from at the wedding, from getting the prep shots to the ceremony group photos and the reception’s formal and candid photos.

The Dallas-Ft.Worth cost for a professional Wedding Photographer is slightly higher than the national average ($2650 vs $2320), most big cities have higher wedding costs compared with smaller cities and rural areas, hopefully you don’t plan to hold your wedding in Manhattan where the wedding photographer cost twice as much. Good wedding photographers are a substantial part of the total wedding cost, but I can ensure that you wont regret it if you receive stunning wedding pictures in return.

Don’t forget to consider our very affordable photographer wedding prices in Dallas and Ft.Worth, they will keep your wedding costs down and get you great wedding photography.

Guide to Wedding Photography



Wedding Registry App – Ease your wedding planing stress !

Are you a bride stressing about your wedding planing? Get a wedding registry app for your IPhone, IPad, Android device or PC and make your stressful wedding planing so much easier. Go to iList Apps and check out the Wedding Registry App.

With this Wedding Registry App you can create, share and access wedding registries. Instead of creating a separate bridal registry at every store, this great app lets you quickly create just one registry and share it with your family and friends. The Wedding Registry App registry will update with every item purchased, so there are no more duplicate gifts to return!

It's very easy to use, just scan the barcode of any gift in the store or online and the app will save it with a photo of the item, the app will automatically categorize your gifts. You can also add comments to the gift. It has a full set of very handy features, this wedding app is definitely one of the best tools to help you during wedding planning. Check it out!


Wedding Infographics to save you money

Save on your wedding photographer without getting "crappy pictures"!

Everybody want's great pictures for the least amount of money, that's normal, you don't always have to compromise on the wedding photographer if you do your due diligence, make sure that you "compare apples to apples", ask the right questions and ask for a better price, there is usually a little bit of room for negotiation, most professional wedding photographers in Dallas-Ft.Worth or elsewhere will try to work with you on the price or offer you an "extra" add on to the wedding package. You might also be able to choose a 6 hour coverage instead of 8 hours, and maybe with the right planning you can still get the wedding photographer that you want for less money.

One of the easiest ways to save on your wedding photographer and other wedding expenses like the wedding venue, is to choose a off season wedding date, during the winter and/or during the week. If you prefer to not do that which is understandable, make sure that you at least book well in advance, last minute wedding planing usually leads to higher prices, sold out venues and wedding photographers and a lot of stress.

Please keep also in mind that if the price sounds to good to be true, it probably is. It's not worth to gamble on your wedding photography, if the pictures turn out "crappy", there is no way to retake them and you will be highly embarrassed every time you bring out the wedding album. A good professional wedding photographer with liability insurance and back up equipment will usually cost at least between $900-3000 for a basic 8 hour coverage, depending on season and location. The average wedding photographer cost is $2330 in the USA (see below on the budget breakdown in the wedding info-graphics). For comparison purposes the wedding photographer will cost you on average $2895 in Dallas-Fort Worth, so it's higher than the national average.

I have one extra advice, if you have a favorite professional wedding photographer you want to use and the wedding venue insist on charging you extra since he is not in the "approved vendor list", make sure that the wedding photographer has full liability coverage for all the wedding photographers that will shoot and for the venue (which most serious professional wedding photographers should have) and then make sure that you inform the wedding venue, lack of insurance is usually what they are afraid of and it's mainly an insurance issue. I have never encountered a problem with a wedding venue after we showed them the proof of insurance. If they don't agree, it's nonsense and I would take my business somewhere else, and they will probably chase down and give you a discount.

Cut down on your wedding costs with these Wedding Infographics

I want to share some great wedding Info-graphics for brides, grooms or paying parents. These wedding infographics will help you during the planing of your wedding and save you some serious money, Elle at Jam+Toast has made two great wedding infographics that you should study and share with fellow brides and friends.

An informed wedding client is a efficient client that has the right tools to save on all the wedding costs, like venue, flowers and wedding photographer. Just by choosing the right date and day of the week can save you a lot of money. When you book your venue or wedding photographer make sure that you ask the right questions and also make sure you read the fine print in the contract.

The following Wedding Breakdown is a good start in understanding the cost for a wedding, this is how much a wedding will cost you & the most expensive wedding cities:

* For comparison purposes the average wedding in Dallas-Fort Worth will cost you on average about $28,055 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so it's a little bit higher than the national average ($26,984).


Watch out for these hidden wedding costs and learn how to avoid them, don't spend more than you have to, save on your wedding venue & wedding photography!

Igor Wedding Photography in Ft.Worth has very affordable wedding packages, please take a look at our low prices here, wedding packages start at only $895.

Shark Cage Wedding Photography-My salute to Shark Week!

Shark Cage Wedding Photographer

I want to become your official shark cage wedding photographer! Sounds fun and unique, call me to discuss!

I love sharks and I adore "Shark Week". They are amazing marvelous animals and discovery channel's "Shark Week" is a fantastic TV program. I have followed that programmed since I was a little kid fantasizing about sharks, the ocean and diving. This year is the 25th anniversary of the program. Makes me feel pretty old, since I can actually remember when it first launched, I guess time goes by quickly when you have fun.

I decided to upload a few photos that I took when I went for a shark cage dive this summer in Hawaii. It was such a great experience. I took these snap shots with a point and shoot camera in a plastic bag, so much for high tech camera equipment. I did manage to get some pretty decent results though, the hardest part was to hold on to the cage between the shots since the sea was pretty rough and I was getting banged around the cage pretty bad, another concern was to keep my big toes inside the cage. The sharks would come almost all the way to the cage. They swam really fast so you really had to anticipate before firing the shutter. These sharks were Galapagos Sharks (Carcharias galapagensis) and measured between 5-9 feet long.

As you can see there were numerous sharks swimming around the cage, I estimated at least 15-20 sharks at one time. They continued to circle around the cage for as long we were in the water. They seemed to be very curious. I think that they were trying to figure out how to open the cage and get a treat, so at times I kind of felt like a was in a chocolate box and I was the tasty chocolate treat. I was actively trying to keep my toes from becoming a shark snack while I was taking photographs.

Something else interesting was the shark with a hook and tackle attached to one of the fins, this shark was one of the bigger ones, probably around 8 feet long, the same shark had also a few very clear and parallel scars on the right side.

It was an unbelievable experience and I plan to do it again!

So does anybody want to get married in a shark cage? I'm willing to photograph your ceremony in the shark cage, and I will discount 50% on my wedding packages if you decide to do it! You will be pretty unique and original and I can guarantee you wedding photos that nobody else has. I want to become your official "shark cage wedding photographer". Contact me today!

Arlington Wedding Photography-River Legacy Living Center

It was absolutely great to shoot Jennifer's and James traditional wedding at the River Legacy Living Science Center in Arlington. The modern wedding venue has a very natural and lush setting surrounded by a natural park in North Arlington. It was a very refreshing and relaxed environment for a natural park wedding.

The wedding reception was held at the Cacharel Restaurant and Ballroom in Arlington. I perfect place for good food and party. The laughs and dancing went on until the wee hours. I had such a great time photographing this Arlington wedding. Take a look below to view a sample of my wedding photography from this great event.

Wedding Photography at the YWCA in Fort Worth

I had the pleasure of photographing Chase and Darla's wedding in the historic YWCA building in downtown Fort Worth. It was a full day of photography coverage of fun, beauty and laughs.

The YWCA building in Fort Worth is a perfect wedding venue with beautiful architecture for a classic and timeless wedding.

Here is a sample of this special days wedding photography.

Wedding Photography Discount & a great laugh!

To my photography friends and clients, this one made me laugh so hard that my stomach cramped:

The wife left a note on the fridge "It's not working, I can't take it anymore!! Gone to stay with my Mother." So I opened the fridge, the light came on and the beer was cold……… What the hell is she talking about?


How do you like my new "Igor Photography bumber sticker"? Who is saying that I don't offer any good wedding photography discounts or sales?

funny photographer joke

Let me shoot your wedding and I promise that I will have you laugh and we will make it a fun experience, call me today!

Model photography in Fort Worth

On-location Photography with model Maryna in Fort Worth

I recently got a chants to photograph future bride and beautiful model Maryna. She wanted a few nice shots for her and future husband Michael. We started the photo session with some indoor portrait  shots and ended with some on-location swimsuit photos at the swimming pool during sunset. I think we got some really nice shots to be proud of, what do you think?

Best Professional Wedding photographers in Dallas

Find the Best Professional Wedding Photographers in Dallas

Just a simple search for a Dallas wedding photographer on Google will return an incredibly long list of results. The little red spots that appear over Dallas on Google Maps for professional wedding photographers in Dallas make the city look like a pizza with a double topping of pepperoni! Clearly, searching for professional wedding photographers in this city can be a big time-consuming challenge. With all the details that have to be planned out for a proper wedding it would be great if there was a way to narrow down the options really fast while insuring that the one picked is the best. It is this very problem that this article seeks to solve for you. Read on to get some tips that can make the task of finding a Dallas wedding photographer a whole lot easier.

What exactly do you want?

The very first step in locating the right Dallas wedding photographer is to figure out exactly what you want. This may be a difficult step for some, but if you do not know what your own expectations are, even the best, most professional wedding photographers in Dallas or Ft Worth are not going to be able to give you the greatest service. The photographer can only work with what you give them. Letting them use their own creativity to provide the service is not always a good idea because after the wedding is too late to make the decision that you do not like how the pictures have been taken. You need to describe to the photographer exactly what you want.

Make a list

Make a list of everything you want in wedding photographers. This includes not only the price range, but also includes style of the pictures, which parts of the ceremony you want photographed, the form you want the pictures to be in, number of photos, and any other details that you can think of. If you are unclear about all the options go ahead and review a few wedding photography websites, get some inspiration and see which options that are usually offered.

Getting referrals from friends or online review search

Some people opt to ask around with friends and family for referrals to photographers. This is a great idea, but there is not guarantee that someone you know will have a Dallas wedding photographer to recommend. For many, the easiest route is just to do an online search and read online reviews. Be sure to have something to take notes with handy, as well as your list of picture preferences. Go through the list and look for photographers that offer the services you have in mind. As you find some that seem interesting to you check their reputations. If they pass both the services and reputations test you can add them to your list.

Contacting and interviewing the best wedding photographers in Dallas

Now that you have a nice short list of professional wedding photographers in Dallas or Ft Worth it is time to contact them. Using email first is a good method, especially if your list is still quite long. It is just another way you can filter through the list. Email a query to them and see how they respond. Again you can cross of those whose responses you do not like. Finally, set up personal appointment at their studio or local Starbucks to get a feeling for how you like them and to see their portfolios and albums.

There is a logical process in locating a good and a reputable Dallas wedding photographer that should be followed. Using the right approach, an organized one, just makes everything a lot easier. Follow the advice given here to find the wedding photographer in Dallas that is right for you.

Contact IGOR Photography

And last but not least, start out by contacting wedding photographer Igor to see if he is the right fit for you!

Wedding Photographer Igor also also specializes in Quinceañeras and other events, call today!




Green Screen Photography for PepsiCo

Here are some of the green screen (chroma-key photography) photos form the Hawaii convention Center in Honolulu. I had a green screen set up with camera, lights, workstation and photo printer so I could photograph the visitors with different Hawaiian backgrounds and instantly print out photos to give to the visitors. It turned out to be a great success and our PepsiCo booth had a record number of visitors. Like always at all the PepsiCo events I had a great time working with the Dallas PepsiCo team and the 7-Eleven franchise visitors. Can't wait for the next event and project!

Event Photographer at the 7-Eleven trade show in Hawaii

Event Photography And Fun Under The Island Sun!

Come and meet me this year at the “Islands of Opportunity” National Coalition’s 37th Annual Convention and Trade Show at the Honolulu convention center during July 11-12, 2012.

I will be photographing visitors for PepsiCo, promoting the new Pepsi Next beverage flavors with photo sessions in front of different chroma key backgrounds ("green screen technology") where visitors can get their picture taken in front of several beautiful Hawaiian backgrounds. In the past I have always a had a lot of fun photographing at the 7-Eleven conventions and this time it's going to be the best. I hope to see you there!

Bad Olympic Photography

All professional photographers including myself produces from time to time some bad photography for various different reasons, and most people don't get the urge to point it out. Recently there has been a controversy about a "professional photographer" that took the Unites States Olympic Team photos.

I don't generally like to critique other photographers work but I have to agree that the negative critique and public outcry is well founded in this case, the performed work that the photographer did for the Olympic Team is amazingly bad, a true embarrassment.

Most of the photographs are very poorly lighted, badly framed, have ugly shadows and do not show much of creativity. Some of the photos are so sloppy that the photographer has not cared that the white background paper has tears, and did not even care to edit it. I'm just dumfounded that such an important event has been disgraced by so poor photography, Here is a sample of the work, be your own judge!

Professional Photographer’s Insurance

Make sure that you hire a legitimate photographer business with proper insurance

We have know raised our liability insurance to $2,000,000!

It's not enough to just a hire a friendly photographer that has a nice photo portfolio, you need to make sure that he runs a legal business with the proper insurance, somebody that's not going to take your money and disappear or damage your wedding venue or property and then find out that he has not enough money to cover the repairs.

IGOR Photography is a fully insured photographer business with up to $2,000,000 in commercial liability insurance, so you can feel completely secure if the unexpected happen to occur during your wedding, studio or on-location shoot.

A Photographers Commercial Liability Insurance is designed to protect the insured photographers or videographers against lawsuits arising by third parties claiming bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury and to damage caused by the photographer to property, like wedding venues or other buildings.

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Groom Sues Wedding Photographer

Years Later, the Groom Sues Wedding Photographer

Lawsuit Seeks to Recreate a Wedding

Wedding Photography is a serous business with a lot of risks for the vendors, especially wedding photographers that only have one chants to get the photos that the couple wants. The is one of the reasons that every professional photographer needs the right insurance against this kind of lawsuits, but this case takes it one step further and is in my opinion a ridiculous late lawsuit.

One groom in New York that is now divorced, was disappointed with his wedding photos, and he decided to sue. The photographers had missed the last dance and the bouquet toss. Well, that's sounds like the wedding photographer wasn't doing his job so I guess a lawsuit might have been warranted, but what's wrong is that he decided to sue the photographer 6 years after the wedding and after he divorced his wife. It's a strange world that we live in!

Read the full story here!

Funny Wedding Jokes

Today I' sharing two funny wedding jokes that I heard, I'm going to have to remember them for next time I shoot a wedding, they are "great ice breakers"!

A little boy, at a wedding ceremony looks at his mother and says, "Mommy, why does the girl wear white?"

His mother replies, "The bride is in white because she's very happy and this is the happiest day of her life."

The boy thinks about it for a moment, and then says, "Well then, why is the boy wearing black?"

And this one says it all:

How do you get the professional photographer to leave your front porch?

….Pay him for the pizza!

Lightroom 4.1 is a worthy upgrade for Photographers

Adobe just released Lightroom 4.1, supporting new cameras and lenses, fixing some bugs and adding a couple of notable features.

These two new features are:
– New HDR image support, you can import a "flat" HDR image in TIFF form and edit it.
– Chromatic aberration and defringing fixes, now you can correct purple and green axial chromatic aberration

These two improvements are reason enough to download the latest version.

Lightroom 4 is the best workflow software for professional photographers in the market and now it's even better, leaving Apple Aperture and Corel behind.

You can now Pre-order Photoshop CS6!

Great news for photographers! The new Photoshop CS6 is soon to be released and you can now pre-order your copy from Adobe. The new Photoshop version is getting a newly designed interface, graphic engine and whole set of new features.

New Photoshop CS6 features include:

Content-Aware Patch – Allows greater control by letting users choose the sample area used to create a patch.
Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine – Takes advantage of the graphics processing unit in modern hardware to speed up imaging and editing tasks, and process large images faster.
New and Re-engineered Design Tools – Type styles enable consistent formatting; vector layers apply strokes and add gradients to vector objects; custom strokes and dashed lines are easily created; quick layers search and more.
Intuitive Video Creation – The full range of familiar Photoshop tools and an intuitive set of new video tools to create and enhance any video clip.
Blur Gallery – A simple new interface with on-image and in-context controls allows users to quickly create photographic blur effects including tilt-shift effects, blur everything with one focal point, or vary the blurriness between multiple focal points.

Wedding Photography at the Cowboys Golf Club

Cecilia & Michael's wedding at the Dallas Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine

I had the honor and pleasure to photograph Cecilia and Michael's wedding at the beautifully landscaped Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine,Texas on a windy spring day. Here are some of some of the wedding moments that I captured.

Click on the photos to see them bigger!

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Wedding photographer at the Dallas Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine – Fort Worth Wedding Photography – Cowboys Golf Club Event Photography – Dallas Wedding Photography by IGOR Photography

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New iPad 3 for photographers, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A short review about the new iPad's photographer features

The Apple iPad has always been a great tool and "gadget" for photographers. There are so many great apps that make our life easier and more fun, from photo editing to camera remote control, you name it, If you can think about a photography app you can probably find it. One of the iPad's strongest features for photographers is as a digital portfolio.

But the question you have to ask yourself is what does the new iPad bring to the table for photographers? Is it worth a upgrade?

Well, I think so, but it's still lacking some serious features that we may never get.

First the Good: The new retina screen almost doubles the pixel count and it's going to make you photographs look even better. Apple has given it a new more powerful processor (A5X) that definitely will help you with photo editing and other tasks that are important for photographers.
The new iPad version comes with a new front camera and an improved rear facing camera that runs at 5 mb, similar to the iPhone 4S camera.
You will have the option to buy an iPad 3 with built in LTE 4G wireless capabilities and you will be able to use the iPad as a hotspot fort the first time.

Another nice reason to get the new iPad is the release of the new iPhoto for $4.99. The new version of iPhoto offers a host of gesture-focused photo editing options including automatic horizon straightening as well as more detailed information about the images you’ve imported from other cameras. Images up to 19 mega pixels in size are supported.
Worth mentioning is that Apple has manage to keep the 10 hour battery capacity despite the performance enhancements.

The Bad: Same price structure (starting at $499) for the same storage capacity,16 – 64GB. With the bigger screen and performance you are going to want to load your new iPad with high resolution Images, but watch out since we don't get more memory to play with.

Slightly thicker and heavier, but you will probably not notice much of a difference.

And The Ugly: Apple insist in not giving us better connectivity and transfer capabilities. We are still not getting any USB ports or SD card slot or any other card memory input. That's a major disappointment for photographers. The new iPad could have been so much more useful as a professional photography tool.

And support for Abobe flash content? forget about it!

Conclusion: Overall the new iPad 3 (or iPad HD, or what ever they call it) is a great improvement from the previous iPad 2, the new retina screen and the more powerful processor is enough reason for anyone to upgrade, especially for photographers,
It won't be a good storage are transfer solution for photos but great for presentations and other light computer tasks, and did I mention that is also a fun gadget!

Adobe releases Lightroom 4 and lowers the price!

Attention all photographers!
Lightroom 4, the official shipping version, has been released today and for the first time in Lightroom’s history, Adobe has lowered the price from $299 down to $149 for the full version, (and only $79 for the upgrade).
It’s that great news or what? Thank you Adobe for lowering the price on this great software.

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Valentine’s Day Portraits in Fort Worth

Portrait Photography for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is approaching and you haven't found that special gift yet!, make a photography gift of yourself that lasts forever. Your portrait or your loved ones portrait.

A lovely artistic portrait of yourself or your partner in life, an artistic portrait celebrating you, treat yourself to a stunning portrait session for Valentines day from Igor Photography that depicts your essence. A portrait that will put a smile in his/her face! Do it for yourself and for the person you love. Invest in a gift of art, beauty and love that will stand time.

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Event Photography at the 7-Eleven Exhibit at the Dallas Convention Center

IGOR Photography had the pleasure to photograph the University of 7-Eleven event with PepsiCo, at the Dallas Convention Center on January 30-31, 2012.

It was a great event and a lot of fun to shoot. I was there with my friend and college Daniel from LifeFotos.com. It was two days of none stop hard work, it was great to get to interact with all the event attendees. Everyone seem to have a super great time. We really look forward to cover the event next year when it comes to Dallas.

PepsiCo had a NASCAR AMP race car at display that is going to be driven by nr 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. for the 2012 season. Here is a photo of this very cool race car!

Fort Worth portrait & wedding photography in Dallas