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Groom Sues Wedding Photographer

Years Later, the Groom Sues Wedding Photographer

Lawsuit Seeks to Recreate a Wedding

Wedding Photography is a serous business with a lot of risks for the vendors, especially wedding photographers that only have one chants to get the photos that the couple wants. The is one of the reasons that every professional photographer needs the right insurance against this kind of lawsuits, but this case takes it one step further and is in my opinion a ridiculous late lawsuit.

One groom in New York that is now divorced, was disappointed with his wedding photos, and he decided to sue. The photographers had missed the last dance and the bouquet toss. Well, that's sounds like the wedding photographer wasn't doing his job so I guess a lawsuit might have been warranted, but what's wrong is that he decided to sue the photographer 6 years after the wedding and after he divorced his wife. It's a strange world that we live in!

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