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Get a very unique wedding video!

A wedding couple managed to put a GoPro camera in the wedding bouquet to get some unique footage, this is something that has crossed my mind before and I love when wedding couples are adventurous enough to try something different and original in their wedding photography or videography, big kudos to this wedding couple. The groom is a professional photographer so he was obviously trying to think "out of the box and into the bouquet".  I think they got a really interesting wedding video, a view from the first persons perspective, the bride. Try to plan some unique angles for your wedding photography and wedding videography.

Make sure that you tell your photographer or videographer that you wish to include some different angles and perspectives for your wedding, dare to be a little bit different, you can still get the traditional coverage, just add some modern spice and uniqueness to it!

Todays camera technology and compact size makes it so much easier to incorporate different camera angles during both the ceremony and reception. Be different, be yourself!

See the clip here: http://connect.dpreview.com/post/7689725486/gopro-wedding-photographer

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