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Shark Cage Wedding Photography-My salute to Shark Week!

Shark Cage Wedding Photographer

I want to become your official shark cage wedding photographer! Sounds fun and unique, call me to discuss!

I love sharks and I adore "Shark Week". They are amazing marvelous animals and discovery channel's "Shark Week" is a fantastic TV program. I have followed that programmed since I was a little kid fantasizing about sharks, the ocean and diving. This year is the 25th anniversary of the program. Makes me feel pretty old, since I can actually remember when it first launched, I guess time goes by quickly when you have fun.

I decided to upload a few photos that I took when I went for a shark cage dive this summer in Hawaii. It was such a great experience. I took these snap shots with a point and shoot camera in a plastic bag, so much for high tech camera equipment. I did manage to get some pretty decent results though, the hardest part was to hold on to the cage between the shots since the sea was pretty rough and I was getting banged around the cage pretty bad, another concern was to keep my big toes inside the cage. The sharks would come almost all the way to the cage. They swam really fast so you really had to anticipate before firing the shutter. These sharks were Galapagos Sharks (Carcharias galapagensis) and measured between 5-9 feet long.

As you can see there were numerous sharks swimming around the cage, I estimated at least 15-20 sharks at one time. They continued to circle around the cage for as long we were in the water. They seemed to be very curious. I think that they were trying to figure out how to open the cage and get a treat, so at times I kind of felt like a was in a chocolate box and I was the tasty chocolate treat. I was actively trying to keep my toes from becoming a shark snack while I was taking photographs.

Something else interesting was the shark with a hook and tackle attached to one of the fins, this shark was one of the bigger ones, probably around 8 feet long, the same shark had also a few very clear and parallel scars on the right side.

It was an unbelievable experience and I plan to do it again!

So does anybody want to get married in a shark cage? I'm willing to photograph your ceremony in the shark cage, and I will discount 50% on my wedding packages if you decide to do it! You will be pretty unique and original and I can guarantee you wedding photos that nobody else has. I want to become your official "shark cage wedding photographer". Contact me today!

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