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Wedding photographers in Fort Worth/Dallas

Why should you hire a professional wedding photographer as
opposed to having a friend or an uncle taking the pictures?

There are many advantages of hiring a professional wedding photographer for your wedding in Fort Worth-Dallas. First and most importantly, a good professional photographer guarantees that you are going going to get photos of the highest quality of the memorable wedding moments, he won't miss the magical kiss or the tears of the brides dad when he sees the bride walk down the aisle. A professional has the right equipment for photographing your wedding. He should carry a full set of professional photography gear including backup systems in case of any malfunction. Having attended many weddings, an experienced wedding photographer will be comfortable at work at your wedding. A professional is used to work under pressure and in working with brides, grooms, couples, and groups to make the formal photography go smoothly. A professional photographer will make sure to capture the special moments at your wedding in a unobtrusive and polite way. After the wedding day he will edit and retouch the wedding photos in order to get the best results. He will also put together and order wedding albums, books and prints for you and your wedding guests.

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Why do some wedding photographers copyright the photos they take at weddings?

Is this common? Yes it's common. The Photographer always keeps the copyright of the photos, he gets the rights by default when the photo is captured, so you are not able to copy or sell the images, but you can still print them with a proper reproduction release from the photographer in witting, nowadays most wedding photographers provide all the photos in a DVD with the reproduction release. But traditionally some photographers that depended on print and album orders to make money would only give away the proofs and won't give away the reproduction release.

Should I hire a wedding photographer who uses film or digital equipment?

The vast majority of all wedding photographers use digital cameras, because of the ease of use, lower price of developing and the powerful post editing opportunities that exist in programs like Photoshop. The customer usually ends up with a more affordable and for the most times a much better product with digital photography. With today's digital camera equipment I don't see many reasons for using film anymore. There are still a few artistic wedding photographers that are using film, but it's a very small niche.

What are photo proofs and what are the advantages of the several types of proofing?

Image proofs are either edited or none edited images for client preview and selection of images to be included in final edited photos and albums. There are several types of proofing available: prints, portfolios, CDs, DVDs, and web proofing, each has their own advantage and it which one to use depends on how the customer prefers to view the proofs and how easy it is to physical set up a meeting with the client. The advantage of the print and the portfolio as a proof is that you can physically sort the pictures into groups for albums and reprints and get a more accurate sense of the quality of the final product. CDs/DVDs are great when the customer wants to view them at their computer in privacy. Web proofing is often the fastest form of proofing and the easiest to share with friends and family.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring two wedding photographers to shoot our wedding, as opposed to only having one photographer?

I always recommend my customers to include a second photographer for the wedding. Using two photographers increases the coverage of the event, more photos can be taken, two different perspectives can be achieved at the same time and the risk to miss an important moment is greatly reduced. One photographer can't be at two places at the same time, for example when the bride and groom gets ready before the ceremony each photographer can cover two separate rooms. Also a second photographer acts as an assistant during the formal shots to set up lighting and assisting in the posing. It greatly reduces the workload for everyone involved. The only con that I can think about is that it cost a little bit more (but its well worth it) and that sometimes two or more photographers in a small room can distract the couple and the guests.

What kind of wedding packages do Dallas-Fort Worth photographers usually offer to their clients?

Typically most wedding photographers either offer a basic package with a DVD where you can add extras such as albums, second photographer and extra time, or all inclusive packages with everything included. I believe in offering just a few packages for the ease of choice with the option of customizing them to the clients needs. Igor Photography offer several wedding packages that will save you money and time for your DFW wedding.

What is the standard deposit to put down, to book a photographer for a date?

Almost all wedding photographers require you to make a deposit to secure the wedding day. It's to book you for that day and to make sure that you are serious and that you won't cancel for any good reason. Once the photographer has booked you he can't book anyone else on that day, so it's only fair business. Deposits vary widely but they are usually between 10-50%. Igor Photography has a flat standard deposit of $300 for weddings.

Why is there such a large price difference among wedding photographers in Dallas/Fort Worth?

Prices vary tremendously because it's a service that caters to the whole income spectrum of the population. People that can afford will pay top dollar for high end wedding photographers.  Most weddings end up spending about $1500-3000 on their wedding photographer, but high end photographers can cost up to $100,000 per event. On the other side of the spectrum you have people with low disposable income that either have a friend shoot their wedding or can only afford $300-500 for the wedding photographer. Another reason is that there are also a lot of "part time" photographers and start up photographers that are just starting and are trying to break into the market, they are willing to photograph a wedding for a very low amount. Sometimes you get lucky with a good beginner photographer that is cheap, but are you willing to risk your wedding photography on luck?

During what time of the wedding planning process should a couple book a wedding photographer?

As soon they have decided on the date. Most wedding photographers accept bookings 1-2 years in advance.

What should a couple look for in a wedding photographer?

There is all types of wedding and bridal photographers to choose from in Dallas/Fort Worth. The best way to judge and pick your wedding photographer is by meeting him and looking at his portfolio and  wedding gallery and look at  his/her  photographic style. Through the portfolio photos you must decide if that particular photographer can produce the type of images that will capture the emotions and rich memories of your very special event. A professional wedding photographer must be able to take consistent photographs of a certain standard. You have to try to get a sense of the photographer’s style and the value of the services and products that he offers. You also need to be able to get along with the photographer. Once you have decided on a wedding photographer whose work appeals to you, and then discuss wedding packages, form of payment, quantity of pictures, etc. Don't bargain hunt for a professional photographer! If you find a photographer that you like, you will never regret your investment.

What should a couple beware of with certain Dallas & Fort Worth wedding photographers?

You should meet the photographer in person and ask him to bring the portfolio. Make sure you get everything that he promises in writing. Make sure that the actually have a business and that you have their address, even if it's their home address. Some Wedding Photography studios use several photographers and the one you get might not be the one you talked to or met during the consultation. Just make sure that you are aware of who is going to photograph your wedding.. Ask if you get the full printing rights/reproduction rights in your contract,. and also ask for referrals and do your homework before putting down the deposit.

How should a couple determine their wedding photography budget?

Only the couple can determine how much they can afford and how much the wedding photography is worth to them. Just keep in mind that when the cake is eaten and the wedding dress in storage, the only thing you have left is the memories, photos and maybe a video. Most couples end up spending about 10-30% of the total budget on photography. If you do your homework you can find high quality wedding photographers that have affordable budget wedding packages, a well put together  package will usually save you time and money.

What equipment should a wedding photographer have?

He should have a professional DSLR camera with a flash, backup camera bodies available, extra lenses and sometimes depending on the location, portable lighting equipment.

Do prices typically vary for off-season or weekday weddings?

Yes, prices vary between seasons and weekends. High season is between spring and summer during, especially during the weekdays. Save some money and book off-season!

Is it possible to get black and white photographs as well as color photographs, or do couples typically have to decide between one or the other?

With digital photography it's very easy to convert to black and white and the photographer should be able to give you both color and B&W. You should also be able to request your photos with color toning, like sepia color.

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