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Sony Alpha A99, new full-frame flagship with Translucent Mirror

I have been using the Sony Alpha DSLR cameras, A850 and A900 for the last 4 years, and now the new flagship SLT camera model from Sony, the Sony Alpha SLT-A99 (and the SLT-A99V with built in GPS)  is soon to be released in October. According to the press release the new Sony Alpha A99 camera has some amazing specs that are sure to tempt professional Sony Alpha shooters to upgrade next month, the camera also looks like a very solid professional tool for videographers. I'm looking forward to get my hands on it for a test drive next month and then make a final decision to see if it's worth to upgrade.

If you are a avid Video shooter a camera upgrade to the Sony Alpha A99 should be a no brainer since at the moment it's the only camera that can shoot HD video with 60 frames/sec and that have a full frame sensor, also if you are a sports photographer it's a pretty obvious choice with its 6, 10 or 14 frames/sec, higher Max ISO, better noise suppression and improved AF system. The Sony Alpha A99 is the world's first camera to feature a dual phase detection system, combining both a dedicated phase detection AF sensor, and phase detection points on the main image sensor. Something that also draw my attention is the return of a industry-standard hot shoe that claims to be compatible with both older Sony strobes and standard strobes. I think that depending on your needs as a professional photographer it looks like this camera is going to set a new standard that you are going to want to take advantage of. Pricing is expected to be around US$2,800 body-only, which seems to be real good value for a professional camera. Let's see what kind of reviews the sony alpha A99 gets once it hits the stores next month.

Read here fore the latest preview of the Sony Alpha A99 camera!

Sony Alpha SLT-A99 key specifications:

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