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What to not say to a Professional Photographer?

As a professional photographer you get to hear a lot of disturbing questions and suggestions from clients, random people and friends, through the years I have heard most of them, I hope you get a laugh from the following not all inclusive list, If you have a good one, please share it with us on the comment section, thanks!

30 Things that you should never say to a professional photographer

1. "What a big lens, it must take great photos"
2. "What a nice camera, it must take great photos"
3. "If you do this for free now, I'll refer you to all my friends"
4. "Can you take that person out, move this person from here to there, change this color, and remove a tree branch, and,,,"
5. "How come you're charging THAT much? I can get it at "insert name here" for only ,,,"
6. "My cousin will do it for Free, he is also a photographer"
7. "I printed these from Facebook and I love them"
8. "Can you just send me the files over so I can use it for something else"
9. "I really don't want what is in my wedding package, Can I get a refund"?
10. "I love your photography but I can't spend that much, I can only spend…., is that OK?"
11. "I wanted to invite you to my (birthday party, wedding, or,,)! Can you bring your camera to?
12. "I just want a CD so I can print everything at Walmart"
13. "You have watermarks on my images online, Can you take them off so my family can print them?"
14. "Can you Photoshop me to make me skinner, prettier, with more hair, less wrinkles, etc) for the this price?"
15. "What an easy job, clicking a button all day, it must be great to get paid for what you love doing!"
16. “I think I can benefit your portfolio so you should work for free.”
17. “There is this other photographer who charges half what you do; does that mean they are half as good?”
18. “Will you charge less if I wear less?”
19. “Well, it’s your job to make me look good.”
20. “I’m only here because my friend/boyfriend/husband/sister/whatever said I should do this.”
21. “I like this other photographer’s work. Can you directly copy their style?”
22. “Great photos, you must have a really good camera!”
23. "Geez! You charge that much?! We only have to pay $29.99 for our sitting fee at Target!"
24. "What's the discount if I edit the pictures myself? There is this great free program called PicniK!
25. "Why is the background all blurry?
26. "If I had a camera like that I could take the same photos you do!"
27. "Your camera (or lens) makes me look fat"
28. "Can't you just Photoshop that!"
29. "I have a shot exactly like that!"

and the final one, and my favorite..

Yes, believe it or not, these are actual examples of what professional photographers hear from people. I hope you fully understand the silly and insulting things professional photographers hear all day long, and that you also cracked a laugh or two. Please leave any feedback, comments or better yet….tell me what a photographer should respond to the 30 things a person should never say to a photographer, OK?

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